The works shown here are a selection and are for sale.  

Purchasing the pictures is easier than you might think: 

Please use grevy.orgsingulartcontact form or visit the artist in his studio in Cologne.

The artist also makes his paintings available for hire to decorate your premises. Rent here instead of buy!

Do you have any questions? The artist is looking forward to your message!

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Small worlds, small originals to get you started in art!

These are original pictures, painted by me with watercolour or acrylic paints, which are mounted on high-quality folding cards. This creates small worlds that can be framed as a work of art or used as a card for any occasion. The size of the pictures is approx. 11 x 16 cm, card size B6, protected by transparent film.

Direct sale of individual cards or as a package in the studio! 

1 card 10 Euro

5 cards 45,00 Euro

10 cards 95 Euro.

On request here!