Karl Heinz Heinrichs, born 1962 in Cologne, is a professional artist with more than 10 years of experience in abstract painting.  He received essential painterly impulses over years in the painting studio Dorothea Sering in Cologne.  Since 2015, he has devoted himself exclusively to his artistic development in self-study. 


Initially, the artist dealt with watercolor painting. He specialized already here in the layer painting, also called veil painting.  Here the focus is on the encounter with color and the creation of light and space. When looking at the paintings, the iridescent depth effect and the color spectrum are in the foreground. 


Since 2013, the artist has devoted himself predominantly to acrylic painting. 


His acrylic paintings are created in the squeegee and spatula technique and in the art form of mixed media. It is important to him to continue to develop his own techniques in the color layer structure and in the use of different materials, such as cement, sand and earths, on different painting grounds.


The artist processes his feelings and sensations in an intuitive process to color-intensive, haptically touchable images. Many of his paintings are suitable for touching. He thus lets his art perceive the viewer in a sensitive way in a whole new way. 


Main sources of his artistic inspiration are, in addition to his own inner world on the outside, nature and the works of Gerhard Richter, Karl Otto Götz or Joan Mitchel. 


Solo and group exhibitions since 2015. 


Individual and group courses and workshops in his studio in Cologne since 2018.


In all his creating and doing, he follows his life motto: 

Kindness is a boomerang, it comes back!


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